< To set eyes again upon your heart
To set eyes again upon your heart
Wufra. Galaxy (but you can call me Fra). 22. Italian.

Totally in love with kpop and kdrama (and some random shows)

Sometimes I cry over Jon Kortajarena's face

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B.A.P performing Check On in Dallas
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cr : @0921_21

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mark wants no part in this
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sirxiuhan: ~galaxy swag~

That’s it.. That’s me


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jonginstinctual: First name: Francesca Nickname: Wufra Age: 240 light years Gender: Galactic Sexual Orientation: Galaxy oppa Nationality: Galaxy Relationship status: Chillin' in the galaxy waiting for you Likes: fanfan Dislikes: chicken Random fact: wufraaaaa

Chicken is not my style.

A+ btw you’ve got everything right


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 I believe that idols aren’t stars, but icons who should set good examples for young children 
— Bang Yongguk (방용국)
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peterrhhale: ok let's do this. -cracks knuckles- First Name: Francesca; Nickname: Fra, Wufra (even tho i have no idea what it means); Age: 22; Gender: Female; Sexual Orientation: chinese dudes; Nationality: italian; Relationship Status: waiting for one of those chinese dudes; Likes: Kpop, Kdrama, Klaine, me; Dislikes: Blam and the writer's of glee; Random Fact; you're the cutest ever deal with it <3333

Omg Janni I love you <3

You got them right, even if it’s korean/chines dudes but you’re there.

Love you bb


Please Squad explain the Wufra to the sweetest Janni <3

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"Once you meet Kim JaeJoong, you will know what an angel looks like…"

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